Big or small appetite? Look at our breakfasts, sandwiches and savoury snacks!

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Thirsty? Sip on our delicious coffees, teas, juices, wines and beers!

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To Go

Rather have something for take away?
See the possibilities.

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Welcome at Bij Best!

Lunchroom Bij Best is an all day dining & meeting concept where we mainly serve sandwiches in any style you can dream of.

However, aside from enjoying our surprisingly tasteful sandwiches, you can also have international breakfasts, street food snacks, salads and daily fresh juices.

Bij Best
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~•Eat, Drink & Relax•~ 🥐Ontbijt & lunch ☕️ Koffie 🚲To Go! 🕘Dinsdag t/m vrijdag 09:00 - 17:00 uur 🕘Zaterdag & Zondag 09:00 - 17:30 uur
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Eat, Drink & Relax

Regarding food culture there’s a whole maze of trends, hypes and well meant advice. One day you need to eat this, the next you need eat that. Our vision doesn’t revolve around a ‘flavor of the week, month or year’. Our team will just simply provide you with varied, good tasting and wholesome dishes.

At Bij Best we will ensure that you have a choice of delicious and sustainable dishes. There’s no thinking of right or wrong. We’ll provide you with all of the right choices.


Just sit back and enjoy our meals. Eat, Drink & Relax!