How to Get Here

Bij Best Delft

Vrouwjuttenland 22
2611 LC Delft

+31 (015)-7370345

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On foot/by bike

If you find yourself on the Choorstraat or Voldersgracht in downtown Delft, just stroll along. At the end you will find the Vrouwjuttenland.

If however, you realize that you are on the Hippolytusbuurt just casually turn around and walk or cycle in the other direction. You’ve probably already started on the Vrouwjuttenland. 😉

From the Markt, recognizable by the large square with the town hall and the new church, simply go to the Voldersgracht, turn right and start walking. If you pass the Vermeer Centrum you’re on the right track. Just walk on until just past the canal bridge. We are located on your left hand.

If you are on a bike you can park it at the canal. Not in the canal. Please do not forget to lock it!

Public transport

Unfortunately we don’t have a bus or tram stop right in front of our door. But you can plan your route with Everything will work out fine if you fill in Vrouwjuttenland 22 in the ‘To’ field.

If by train, you need to get off at the Delft Central station. From there on it is a 15 minute walk via the Binnenwatersloot, Peperstraat, Koornmarkt, Markt and Voldersgracht.

From Den Haag or Rijswijk you can also take the tram ‘lijn 1’ or ‘lijn 19’. Get off at the Nieuwe Plantage stop. From there you can walk via the Verwersdijk or the Voorstraat and Choorstraat.

By car

You can come visit us by car. But you will soon find out that parking along the canals is an advanced skill, not for the faint of heart. And if you manage to do so, you will find that you need to buy a full day’s ticket. Which also does cost an arm and a leg. On top of that, the city council automatically checks that your ticket is still valid several times a day.

So we strongly advise you to park your car in the designated car parks. You can choose from either:

Parking at the Marktgarage

This underground car park can be found at the Willem Naghelstraat. From there it is a 5 minute walk over the Koepoortbrug, along the Nieuwe Langendijk and a right turn at the Vrouwenregt.

Parking at the Paardenmarkt

You can also drive past the Marktgarage and turn right just after the Koepoortbrug. In that manner you will end up on the Paardenmarkt, which is also a designated car park. Please do not forget to get a ticket in advance. From there it is also a 5 minute walk via the Van der Mastenstraat and Verwersdijk.

Whatever your mode of transport, we would like to give you a warm welcome to Delft and Bij Best!